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Social Marketing Librarian seeks shelf-stocking suggestions

There’s nothing like laryngitis to make a girl turn to a good book. With conversation off the menu, a social marketing lady has to get her mental stimulation elsewhere so she goes to her collection of social marketing books but – horror – there’s nothing new to read! To Amazon for a basket full of goodies – but to add insult to injury,¬†all the social marketing lists on Listmania are about social media.

A plea for suggestions is issued. What books should make it into my Social Marketing basket? I’m not looking for the “how to” type of text, but the books that inspire you, are provocative, make you reach for the highlighter, and prompt the line “You’ve got to read this”. All social marketing, behaviour influencing, social change making suggestions are warmly welcomed – especially if they’re your own. The ones that make the list can join my favourites here.


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