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What’s the collective noun for social marketers?

Maybe it’s an impact of social marketers? A smart? A mix? Or how about¬†an inspiration of social marketers? Anyway, 600 of them are congregating at the 2nd World NonProfit and Social Marketing Conference in Saggart (nr Dublin), and I’m pleased as punch to be one of them.

The sun is out and with rain predicted for Monday and Tuesday I have one day to get good use out of my repertoire of vintage summer dresses before accepting the inevitable and converting to layers.

I love, love hanging out with social marketers. They’re so interesting and interested. It’s a completely different vibe to the academic conference experience. I’ve already met four great women over breakfast, from PSI and T-MARC and looking forward to checking out their stand at the reception this evening.

I’m channeling my inner magpie for the next three days, looking out for shiny online resources to feature on the Social Marketing Lady site, so keep an eye on the site later this month to check out my picks. I’ll also be chattering away on Twitter.

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